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Callan Ridge

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  Public Architecture

Callan Ridge is a new three-story campus in the heart of San Diego’s Torrey Pines scientific research area. The two-building complex augments part of Healthpeak’s 20-acre Torrey Pines Science Park with simplified circulation, improved accessibility and greater connectivity.

Visitors are greeted by a soaring canopy with integrated photovoltaics that casts dappled light upon walkways, outdoor conferencing and event spaces. A grand outdoor staircase interspersed with greenery provides opportunity for spontaneous interaction, an exchange of ideas that is vital to the research environment.

The campus is oriented to embrace the easterly canyon views and features the largest single-building green roof in San Diego. The view is akin to that of an infinity pool—or in this case an infinity garden—with an array of plants that blend seamlessly into the landscape of the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. The green roof reduces the campus’ heat island effect, attracts pollinators, and provides a unique outdoor space.

In addition to the solar panels/green roof, this LEED project leverages dynamic glass, which automatically tints windows to control sunlight and heat throughout the day. Steel and concrete materials contain high levels of recycled content. Recycled irrigation, low-water-use plants, and low-flow plumbing fixtures promote water conservation.

3020 Callan Road, San Diego, CA 92121

Project Owner/Developer:
Healthpeak Properties, Inc.

Contact Name/Email:
Michael Dorris, mdorris@healthpeak.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Ferguson Pape Baldwin Architects

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  1. Veronica

    Such a beautiful project!

  2. Sarah Brooks

    I love how the building blends with the landscape!

  3. Chadwick Cullen

    What an incredible project! It will certainly contribute to Torrey Pine’s history of beautiful architecture. It was a pleasure to take part in it.

    • Christine Eby

      Love this so beautiful environmentally conscious and functional!!Top vote!!

    • jim vandyke

      Very nice Chad!! What an achievement! Proud of you young man!

  4. Becky Scheible

    With functional and beautiful design features, this is truly inspiring architecture!

  5. Tom

    Looks really peaceful; love all the greenery. Would love to tour it in person while drinking a hot cup of joe!

  6. Mason Centanne

    Great looking project ! I love the green spaces!

  7. Michael Wilson

    Beautiful project. It looks like it would be an awesome place to work.

  8. Crista Swan

    Thanks to Healthpeak’s commitment to sustainable building practices, Callan Ridge has incorporated many fantastic sustainable features that many other life science campuses don’t attempt. Target Leed Gold for a life science core/shell is admirable!

  9. Andrew S Darragh

    The building takes advantage of the sloped site and enhances views from neighboring properties with a green roof. It’s a great addition to the neighborhood and a huge improvement over the old building!

  10. Son Nguyen

    The project looks grand in scale but is still so inviting. Oh, and that green roof! Well done.

    • Aaron Curry

      Wow! What a stunning and beautiful construction. The field on the roof is a portal to an autumn dream. This is definitely the work of a starchitect.

  11. Fabiana

    Amazing Project!

  12. Adam Enright

    Beautiful building and campus. Well done.

  13. Dace Brown

    An amazing project and perfectly blended into the beautiful surroundings.

  14. Kate

    Amazing project! Can`t wait to see it in person. So green and modern. Love the landscape design and exterior canopy and how shadows are breaking through.

    • Judy Lanfried

      This fabulous structure is what the world needs now! People for generations will benefit from this forward thinking design and construction. Everyone working on this project should be proud of what is now a show piece. The professional guidance that kept this project moving in a timely fashion should be applauded, I applaud you!

  15. Steve

    Stunning design!

  16. Jennifer Lingle

    Such a gorgeous project!

  17. Karen Fletcher

    Absolutely gorgeous architecture!

  18. Chris

    An amazing looking project! I love the green spaces.

  19. Jenna Begley

    What a beautiful project! The landscape and green roof really add so much life to an already great looking building.

  20. Christina

    Beautiful! Wow!

  21. Alice Trowbridge

    How beautiful & serene!

  22. Ivan

    What a stunning project. A building this size usually feels intimidating, but the use of planting and scale, it in turns looks inviting. And having a actual green roof of that size is amazing. Beautiful.

  23. Jim Ferguson

    Awesome project to see fulfill an outstanding vision!

  24. Ty

    The use of greenery and lighting in this project allows the building to fit right into it’s surroundings, despite its large size. A beautiful example of integrating naturalistic elements into a project to make it more welcoming. Great project!

  25. David

    What a great addition to Torrey Pines! I love how the project includes a huge green roof, and how the large photo voltaic roof canopy ties the buildings together!

  26. Alyson Barrera

    What a beautiful space!

  27. Melissa Plaskonos

    This is a spectacular campus, truly a beautiful addition to the Torrey Pines neighborhood.

  28. Donna

    Love the green space blending in with the Torrey Pines backdrop!

  29. Evelyn Tu

    It’s a beautiful project 👏🏻👏🏻

  30. 718 564 0455

    It is a great project, something new and fresh, never seen before.Love the idea.

  31. Dave

    Love it! Beautiful design that is a really great addition to Torrey Pines!

  32. Bill Quintero

    Great upgrade to the building that was constructed there in the early 80’s. Sad that the company (IRT Corporation) who originally had their headquarters built on that site was structurally unsound. Am in awe and impressed with the design and layout of the new structure architecture.

  33. Wade E. Selph

    I agree with all the positive comments above.
    The tear-down of the prior building gives some closure to we who worked there back in the day.

  34. James Conley

    Quite an achievement to create such a space and blend so well with the surroundings.

  35. Debbie

    Impressive, welcoming space! Great place to work, study, visit. Truly inspired use of space and fabulous incorporation of green space.

  36. Manuelson

    Absolutely amazing. Beautiful open space building with an incredible desing.


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