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Brandon-Beaver Building Renovation – Bankers Hill

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In 1963, renowned San Diego modernist architect Homer Delawie, A.I.A., designed the Brandon-Beaver Building. The building is located at 2800 Third Avenue in Bankers Hill. Originally a medical office building, it served the community for over 50 years. It was poised on the edge of Maple canyon, with prominent views across the historic 1911 First Avenue Bridge. Over time, the building was infilled, overgrown with vegetation, and became a visual blockage from the neighborhood to the canyon beyond.

After several attempts by developers to purchase, demolish and redevelop the site, the building was purchased and renovated in 2017, maintaining the neighborhood scale of the building. The mid-century modern architecture was preserved, and the building became transparent by adding windows on all sides and removing all the interior walls. This opened up the views of the canyon to the neighborhood.

Prior to renovation designed by domusstudio architecture, the building looked abandoned and the grounds were a hangout for drug dealers and homeless. The re-purposed building has revitalized the neighborhood at the end of Third and Olive. From the bridge view, it has visually lightened its footprint in the canyon by painting the base dark, giving the illusion that the building is floating.  It’s not often that a building project subtracts, rather than adds to the built environment.

2800 Third Avenue

Project Owner/Developer:
domusstudio Properties, LLC

Contact Name/Email:
David Keitel, Principal, A.I.A./david.keitel@domusstudio.com

Project Architect/Designer:
domusstudio architecture

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  1. bfm01

    I’m a big Delawie fan and thought I’d be horrified but I have to say WELL DONE!

  2. Yeti Munster

    I live in the area and walk by this building daily. The before and after transformation is truly amazing and the neighborhood is very appreciative. I see many dog-walkers stop to linger when passing.

  3. Maureen Taylor

    Nice to hear – that’s my son-in-law and he’s a keeper!!

  4. Dilini Panir

    What a great way to pay homage to a legend

  5. Christopher Panoos

    I walk my dogs by here everyday, and it is just stunning and elegant how this building looks

  6. Scarlett Ezra

    I run by here every morning. And can’t lie, I stopped many times just to take a picture of this over the bridge. Just fascinating.

  7. Kathleen Ailler

    Such a community conscious building, not just to our subtle neighborhood, but even to the view of the canyon

  8. Jean Ripper

    Beautiful change compared to what used to be there. Great project!!

  9. Marissa Chennowith

    Amazing transformation!

  10. Teddy Schwartz

    Such an elegant building in our block

  11. Rhasid Deangelo

    Perfect little place at the end of the road

  12. Nick Georges

    I love this new building!


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