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Mira Mesa High School Music Building

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Mira Mesa High School’s music program is one of the strongest in California with over 300 band and orchestra members. The success and expansion of the program necessitated a new music building designed to meet the specific needs of this premier program.

The building’s design was guided by three strategies: enhanced acoustics, campus placement, and elevated school spirit. The acoustical performance was a top priority, and high-volume practice rooms were created with angled walls and ceilings acoustically treated for sound deflection and absorption. The rooms are designed to provide an optimal environment for instrumental performance.

Campus placement was important for convenient access to the adjacent stadium and pedestrian connectivity to the campus core. The building’s entrances were designed to be welcoming and to provide a sense of connectivity.

Elevating school spirit was also important, with the building serving as an iconic structure exemplifying the school’s identity and the vitality of the premier music program.

Critical functional requirements included instrument storage units, multiple small rehearsal rooms for various ensembles, centralized teacher visibility, natural daylighting, and a ventilation strategy that included ‘duct socks’ to minimize undesired sound while optimizing indoor air quality.

The new music building at Mira Mesa High School represents a new standard in music facility design, demonstrating the value of collaboration between architects and acoustical consultants. It is a testament to the school’s commitment to excellence in the arts and is designed to inspire and motivate the students, faculty, and community.

10510 Marauder Way, San Diego, CA 92126ll in

Project Owner/Developer:
San Diego Unify School District

Contact Name/Email:

Project Architect/Designer:
Architects Mosher Drew

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