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North Park Mini Park

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  Landscape Architecture

North Park Mini-Park is the result of years of hard work and civic collaboration between the Mayor’s office, City Council, City Staff, the North Park Mainstreet Business Improvement District, design consultants, and a very engaged and active community. Project stakeholders identified an opportunity to transform a vacant, under-utilized parking lot in the heart of North Park’s vibrant dining and entertainment district and create an activated, neighborhood square to support both casual/passive recreation and organized community special events. North Park Mini-Park is a small park with a huge heart. It is the new community gathering and special event space for the North Park neighborhood and is a testament to the will and determination of community leaders, City staff, and the dedicated design consultants who collaborated to bring this project from idea to reality. The success of the park is a result of thoughtful planning and design as well as a very active business association committed to programming events. The park demonstrates a commitment to sustaining both environmental and social priorities for a community that has rallied around the project and now has taken ownership to ensure the park’s potential to service the residents of North Park is fully realized.

3812 29th Street, San Diego, CA 92104 (Behind the Observatory Theater)

Project Owner/Developer:
City of San Diego

Contact Name/Email:
Yovanna Lewis / ylewis@sandiego.gov

Project Architect/Designer:
KTUA Lanscape Architecture and Planning

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  1. Naveen Waney

    It was a pleasure working with KTUA on this neighborhood park. Great work and a great amenity for the community.

  2. Kristie Bevacqua

    Wonderful idea of turning a less than desirable parking lot into an attractive park and community space for all to enjoy!

  3. Pablo Mason

    Why so much hardscape? A wide gravel path bordered by trees and benches to sit on as well as native plants and shrubs would have been an oasis. Instead we have hardscape that’s hot and bright, and signage that is neither attractive or very useful. Furthermore, there are no restrooms! A real park would attract people all the time, not just when there’s a scheduled event. As a long time neighborhood resident I feel the city could have done a much better job with this space.


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