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Patisserie Melanie

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  Interior Design

The sleek, minimalist interior of Patisserie Melanie was a collaboration between Chef/Owner Melanie Dunn and Tony Garcia of Asquared Studios. Inspired by her love of Scandinavian design and the café culture of Paris, Melanie created an environment emblematic of her pastries: a combination of luxury and elevated simplicity.


The curves and laminated lines of her viennoiseries echo throughout: in the tambour delineating the front of back of house, the pillowed Italian tiles in the dining area, and the tile wall in the kitchen. Round bistro tables and an oval communal table remind one of tarts and eclairs. Soft greens and pinks make one think of macarons. Danish pendant lights look like pastries suspended in air. The café’s pale colors allow the focus to be on the pieces de resistance: les pâtisseries.


The dining area transitions subtly to an open kitchen, allowing customers to see the painstaking process of producing pastries unfold before their eyes. Parallel lines in the wooden and tile floors, and in the lighting above, draw the eyes toward Melanie and her staff as they roll out and shape dough.


Every detail works in harmony to transport you to an authentic Parisian experience here in San Diego.

3750 30th Street San Diego, CA 92104

Project Owner/Developer:
Melanie Dunn

Contact Name/Email:
Melanie Dunn / melanie@patisseriemelanie.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Melanie Dunn (Chef/Owner) and Tony Garcia (Asquared Studios)

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  1. Rebecca Rivera

    Excellent design

  2. Steven Lunetta

    Patisserie Melanie is both beautiful and amazingly tasty! I live in Tucson but visit every time I am in town visiting my girlfriend and my sister Cecile. The coffee is the best and the food is fantastic.

  3. Melissa Lahmann

    I love coming here. The minimalism is clean and elegant. It keeps the focus on the fantastic food ❤️

  4. Laura

    The best butter crossiant you will ever have. It’s light, flaky, buttery, and simply goes great with your coffee in the morning.

  5. RayMello

    I’m so happy for you! I have been watching the evolution of your shoppe since covid..

  6. Victoria

    I love Patisserie Melanie! The pastries are to die for!

  7. Curt Sherman

    Reviews seem more interested in the food than the environment. There are some nice things happening here, but where is the excitement. Those blank walls are just crying for some great illustrations of the products so well described.


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